Honoring Jason Shields

Jason Shields.jpg

Jason Yarrow Shields passed away on Wednesday, May 27th. 

A Gainesville, 4th generation Floridian - born on the Solstice - water child, you always knew where he was, hearing him joyously laughing at any moment, or seen climbing the giant live oaks, swaying and singing in the branches, or swimming in the Florida springs and rivers, and Atlantic Ocean. His love for being on the water was a constant.

He attended the Dayspring Waldorf School, Gainesville, FL, before moving to the Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, NY, Class of 1994, where he was athletic, excelling in baseball, basketball, and soccer, played the trombone, and performed in school theater productions. He was always fun and a joy to be with, a sensitive and soulful, caring person, and his presence will continue on in the lives of those many hearts he touched.

He lived and worked in Key West, managing the Java Lounge, and also became an accomplished and skilled film projectionist, at the Tropic Cinema, knowledgeable in cinema and film history. His great heart continues to circulate love in the world.