Honoring Sharon Margaret Cizdziel

Sharon Margaret Cizdziel (Kelter) was born in Canada.  She came to U.S.  as a 12 yr old girl.  As a teenager she was a gold medal winner for swimming.  Sharon was a single Mom of Kenneth and Kim Marie, life partner of Robert and step mom of Georgianna and Jennifer.  Sharon devoted her entire life to her kids and grandchildren Joshua and Tyler. Her son Kenneth was born deaf and special needs,  Sharon spent every day with him his whole life. They passed away 9 days apart.  Proving their special connection.

My Mom was the most giving, caring selfless, beautiful woman ever.  If you were her friend she would be there for you in an instant. If you were her child or Grandchild she would move mountains for you. I am who I am today because I had the most amazing mother on the planet.  Sharon loved to look pretty and if it was shiny she had to have it.  I walk this earth without my Mom, my best friend, and with a hole that only she can fill.  Yet I know she’s somehow she is still with me every step...WHEN ONE OF US IS GONE.. AND ONE OF US IS LEFT TO CARRY ON, OUR MEMORIES ALONE WILL GET US THRU. I LOVE YOU MOMMY.