Honoring Jason Britton

Jason Paul Britton was born in Bethesda, Maryland on 9/17/81 to Susan Quetel Britton and James Roy Britton. He lived in many more places than most of us and brought joy to them all. He probably loved St. Thomas, BVI most of all since his Mom lived there. Along the way Jason also discovered his love of cooking. He found his way to Key West in 2013 and continued his skill at cooking as well as his ability to find friends through his humor and his "all friends allowed" attitude. He became sous chef at Firefly Restaurant here in Key West as a result of his love of cooking. Everyone he met here in Key West realized how special, funny, and unique this man was. He had a beast mode and earned the nickname "Diesel", although that name probably followed him for quite a while. It barely covered the sweetness of his soul and you saw this when you spent more than 10 seconds in his company. He would speak quickly and you better be able to keep up because what he said was hilarious and spot on with the day to day nonsense we all deal with. He knew the big picture and made you laugh and realize you better enjoy the moment. He would dismiss that nonsense with phrases like "words and verbs", "stuff and things", but he would always finish with "Love Love". He will always be loved here in Key West and anywhere else he chose to spread his joy. He will never be forgotten. 

Love Love to Susan Q. Britton