Honoring Carole Gerbracht


Carole became a beautiful angel at the young age of 5 years. In her short life she showed her creative talents from painting and drawing to cooking. She loved drawing, painting and sculpting and her skill was far beyond her years. She was also very mischievous from egging her older sister on to pretend they were taking a bath when they were actually playing all the while running the bath water. To mooning the Conch Train (much to her mother's horror), and yes she did get in trouble for that - spent some time in time-out. She was a generous soul loving nothing more than giving people flowers. Born in Key West she loved the water either spending hours in the pool with friends to snorkeling and boating. Even at her young age there was no doubt she was living life to the fullest, having the best time with her family and lots of friends. We love her and miss her to this very day beyond words can say.