Honoring John Brinsmade Braman

John (Jack) Brinsmade Braman  was born in São Paulo Brazil on January 25, 1948.  He grew up in Connecticut and went to the Gunnery prep school in Washington, Connecticut , founded by his grandfather Grenville Braman .  He worked with American Express for their Marketing Department,  but for any years prior was employed in customer relations for Piedmont Airlines , before it was acquired by Eastern Airlines.  His work there was salutary; he presented the idea of frequent flyer programs - a first in the airlines industry - to Piedmont , which became the industry's standard later on.  He partnered with Key West artist William Welch for three years before he succumbed to a chronic illness and passed away on October 17, 1995.  He was just 47.  Greatly missed by family and friends still to this day.  A spirit of selfless love and support that is a rarity ,prized by those who were close to Jack.