Honoring Kris Koshiol


Kris Koshiol was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 11/7/60, the youngest of four, whose names all began with K. He grew up in suburbs, where he played ice hockey and fished and listened to music. He married and had two kids, Samantha and Anthony.  He and his wife divorced. However they maintained a relationship until his death. While in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kris was very involved in the radio industry, allowing him to attain many backstage passes for concerts where he met some of his favorite musicians. He was also a fishing guide and accumulated myriad accolades.

After Kris’s divorce, he moved to Fort Myer’s, where his Father and Stepmother resided in the winter. He then moved to Key West in 2010wherehe attempted several jobs before he settled in as a concierge.

Kris was offered an opportunity to resurrect ViviZapata's on Duval Street that had been a local legend in its day. On a shoestring budget, he not only resurrected it like a phoenix, he created another little Key West family, bringing together people, as he did. Kris loved Key West. He loved the fishing. He loved riding his motorcycle around and up the Keys. He loved watching his beloved Minnesota Vikings with his Key West family. He loved the people. In Kris’s five years in Key West, he became something of a local celebrity. He was a big guy. He had an even bigger personality. And he had a giant heart.