Honoring Sgt. Eric Biskup

Beloved Key West Police Officer, Sergeant Eric Biskup, passed away in January 2016 at the age of 49, after a brave battle with cancer. He is remembered by the community as an officer who really cared for those he was sworn to serve and protect, as someone who believed that one-on-one interaction was the key to crime reduction. Longtime friend and former police captain Scott Smith said “He loved this island. He loved its quirkiness.” and “He was the classic cop in that he knew his people. That was important to him.” Biskup was a member of radio host Bill Hoebee’s cast of characters on the radio show “Hoebee in the Afternoon,” anonymously playing “Mr. X.”  Hoebee recalls his last conversation with Biskup, “ He said I don’t want you to cry. Just remember all the funny things we did together.”