Honoring Erin Brunner

Erin Brunner: February 1970- August 2015 - Loved dearly by many people  In the Keys, northern Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and the rest of the world. 

Nick Names: Lady Bug

Many people in the Keys knew her from when she worked in the office at Geiger Key Marina and RV Park and lived in Tamarac Park on Geiger Key. 
Known as a Lover of cats, red boots, people. A Supporter of Bernie Sanders.
 Words from postings about Erin, Apophenia Brown, from her  Facebook page:
“Your crazy humor. Fire for the underdog.” 
“sweet, crazy, super intelligent, radical, open minded, fun loving”
 “I saw the joy you reaped & sowed from just living. The depth to which you "tapped souls" (read that on FB).”
“Our girl in the red boots”
“No one wore them like you!!!”

Favorite Quote: "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."- GK Chesterton

Her last words were, “I love you – I am out of here”